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Product Of The Month - June 2020! All You Need To Know...

Posted on June 03 2020

This month's product is a good one, we are going to tell you all you need to know about our Hugo & Hudson dog leads. If you're convinced and want to buy one from us we have 20% off all of our leads until the end of June, using the code PRODUCTOFTHEMONTH.


We have sourced these leads because we genuinely think they are the best ones around, not only have they been thoughtfully designed for the dog owner but they look really fun too!
  • Design - there are a whole host of designs to choose from, as well as various fabrics and buckles. We stock some of the best selling patterns that are fun, bright & colourful. We also stock a range of the premium tweed versions too which are paired back in colour but perfect for the pooch who loves the country. Keep an eye out as new designs are always coming in!
  • Durable & Safe - each lead comes fitted with a strong buckle on both the handle & the link to the collar. These buckles are made out of the strongest material so they do not rust or damage, they are also safety tested to an extreme weight so they are pretty much unbreakable!
  • Comfort & usage - this is our favourite part of the product, the handle of the lead is made from super soft fabric. So, if you have a pooch who loves to take you for a walk, your hands are protected. As well as the handle, these leads have a clip attached the them so when you're out and about you can clip your dog to table, chairs etc without having to loop the lead around your leg! It's also great for hands free walking as you can attach the lead to belts and bags whilst on a walk. 
  • Sizes - these leads come in two sizes, the bigger size is a thicker width fabric than the small one but they all come with the same size buckle etc. Smaller leads are perfect for dogs who would wear the XS & S sized collars and the larger leads are perfect for dogs who would wear the L & XL collars.


So there you have it, all of the information you need to know about our super strong & stylish dog leads! If you would like to purchase one of these we have 20% off any lead for the whole of June 2020. Please add code PRODUCTOFTHEMONTH at checkout to receive the discount.
Love O&B xx