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October Product Of The Month - 20% Off Deluxe Eco-Friendly Dog Beds

Posted on October 02 2020

For This Month Only

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Berry Dog Bed

"Like Sleeping on A Cloud"

"Ted absolutely loves this bed, as does my toddler! It’s a good job he doesn’t mind sharing! It’s so cosy and squishy, and the fact that it’s bigger than standard sized dog beds, means he can really stretch out and get comfy. It looks great too - the colours go with our decor and the 100% cotton cover means it’s durable and washes well. Ordering was easy, delivery prompt, and packaging was good. Definitely the loveliest bed he’s ever had. Highly recommended!"

Back in the 2018 I purchased my first home, a flat in Leeds.

Being a fan of all things interior, I started to plot out how I was going to furnish and decorate the place. 

Paint, curtains, the fridge, sofa etc etc etc 

I also had two black labradors (Olive & Berry) to think about, the beds we had at my mums weren't particularly 'my style' should we say...infact they were pretty ugly (please don't tell her I said that!) 

So I started to shop around for a dog bed that were, well, 'interior' focused.... but boy was this a challenge.

Most of the beds were boring, old fashioned, brown or green! The ones with patterns on were a bit too fussy for me and the ones I really liked....well I would have had to remortgage! They were £200 - £300 for a large bed & I would have had needed to purchase two (eeeeekkkkkkk)!

No thank you! And this is where the brand Olive & Berry started, I decided to create my own....

Natalie (Founder)

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Dog Bed Image in Living Room

*Image above by the wonderful @joatnumber26
"Sleeps Like A Baby"

"Since getting this bed my puppy sleeps SO much better! It arrived beautifully packaged and the quality is ace. I've even taken the mattress section out for my puppy to sleep on in her crate at night. Even better it looks gorge everywhere in my house. Thanks Olive & Berry!"
Rose Dog Bed
*Image above by @littlemcrhouse

Find us a better bed...

These beds are not only designed to look great in your home, they're also 100% eco-friendly!

  • Made out of sustainable strong cotton on the outside & fibre from recycled plastic bottles on the inside. All safety tested for your pooch.
  • They're also made in the heart of Yorkshire by an independent family run business who produces the highest quality brands such as Joules & Barbour!
  • Your choice of 3 slogans embroidered on the side of the bed to make you smile...
    • Eat. Sleep. Bark. Repeat.
    • I've Had A Ruff Day
    • Shh...I'm Sleeping

Dog Beds

Dog bed Slogan

Dog bed Pink

Dog bed Pink slogan



  • Small 24" Bed - WAS £50, Now £40 
  • Medium 32" Bed - WAS £70, Now £56
  • Large 40" Bed - WAS £90, Now £72 
"Thank you Olive and Berry!"
  "I just wanted to say thank you to Olive and Berry for making an excelling quality dog bed that also helps me up my interior game! I've previously spent time and money on beds that don't last and actually don't look that stylish. The Rose Slogan Dog Bed is indeed stylish and also really well padded, which is important for my senior dog who needs plenty of cushioning! The quality of the bed is far superior to any I have previously purchased and is washable too. Sustainability is important to me so I love the fact this is made from recycled plastic bottles! Oscar and Stan are thoroughly pleased with their purchase and like that they've helped the environment too!"

Dog Bed Image

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Love O&B xx