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Let's Make This Christmas A Woofing Good One

Guaranteed Christmas Delivery

Save 20% If You Pay In Full

Gift Wrap & Personal Notes Available

Delivery Directly To Your Loved Ones Door

Our 2020 Christmas brochure goes through the step by step simple process to order your products in time for Christmas.

Have a browse through and note down what you like.

Pay special attention to the ways you can pay, plus our gift wrap, personal notes and delivery to your loved ones door service so you can really make your loved ones day, even if you can't be with them in person.

Start Your Pre-Order

When you have had a good browse though, complete the order form. You will need excel or Google sheets so it's best to do this on a desktop. Don't worry it looks scarier than it is, we're here to help you through the process.

If you do not have either of these you can email us your order and we can complete this for you.

Tell us which products you would like gift wrapped, if you would like a personal note and where you would like the products delivered to.

Also, choose which payment option you would prefer:

1. Pay upfront and save 20% on your full order


2. Pay a 10% deposit and the rest in December.

Send your completed order form to by Friday 6th November.

Start Your Pre-Order

Once you have sent your order form to, we will process it and send you a confirmation email with the payment details.

We will hold your stock for 3 days until payment is made.

Please keep an eye on your junk mail as sometimes our emails can fall into there.

You can now relax knowing that your eco-friendly, chic gifts are already ordered, paid for and ready to arrive to you or your loved ones in time for Christmas.

Start Your Pre-Order

Why Should You Do This?

As we're a small independent we only hold a very limited amount of stock. We want to make sure we do not disappoint this Christmas, by doing a pre-order we can ensure as a business that the stock can be ordered, produced and sent to you in time for Christmas.