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Top 10 Ways To Prevent Fleas On Your Dog And From Your Home

Posted on September 26 2020

Whilst dogs can bring so much love and joy to a household, it’s important to know how to look after them, and in particular, how to avoid a pesky flea infestation.

Fleas are horrible little things that live on your four-legged friend, along with in your home, such as in the carpet and furniture. They might only be 1-2mm in size, but without suitable preventative measures, they can cause your dog to repeatedly itch, scratch and chew, which can lead to visible hair loss and irritated skin.

They are prevalent all year round, but late summer can be a peak time for them, so we’ve created a list of our top 10 suggestions on how to prevent fleas!


1. Keep your house clean!

  • This goes without saying, but a clean home really can help to prevent fleas!
  • Groom your dog regularly.
  • Frequently vacuum your carpet and furniture.
  • Regularly wash your dog’s bed, blanket, and coat etc.

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2. Flea comb - Doggie Solutions

  • Groom your pet with this fine tooth comb over a white surface.
  • Any fleas and droppings will be visible.
  • £0.99!

 Flea Comb

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3. ITCH Flea - Itch Pet

  • Applied topically to your pet on a monthly basis.
  • For both prevention and treatment of fleas.
  • 1 month free trial, and £6.50 per month afterwards.
  • 5* average rating (out of over 12,000 reviews)!

 Itch Pet

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4. Frontline Plus flea & tick dog treatment - Viovet

  • Applied topically to your pet on a monthly basis.
  • For both prevention and treatment of fleas and ticks.
  • Starting from £6 per treatment.
  • The most advanced formula in the Frontline range.


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5. Advantage 40 spot on flea control - VioVet

  • Applied topically to your pet on a monthly basis.
  • Starts working within 1 day and kills fleas through contact.
  • Starting from £2.50 per treatment.


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6. Seresto flea and tick control collar - Viovet
  • No need to worry about monthly preventative treatment.
  • Place this collar on your pet for up to 8 months of protection.
  • Slowly releases active ingredients, which are odour free.
  • £41.99 for 8 months of treatment (that’s £5.25 per month).


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7. VetIQ Flea guard treats - VioVet

  • A treat for your dog, which contains ingredients that naturally repel fleas & ticks.
  • Also contain vitamins and fatty acids that promote a healthy skin and coat.
  • £2.39 for a 70g bag.

 Vet IQ Treats

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8. Medipet laundry treatment

  • NOT for use on your pets.
  • A washing detergent when cleaning your pet’s bedding and clothing.
  • Scientifically proven to kill bacteria, fungi & viruses, and to wash away fleas.
  • £5.85 for a 250ml bottle.

 Laundry Treatment

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9. Frontline homegard household - Boots

  • NOT for use on your pets.
  • Household spray to be used on carpets and furniture.
  • Prevents and kills fleas.
  • £19 and covers 100 square metres.


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10. Flea bomb - Monster pet supplies

  • NOT for use on your pets.
  • Place in a room where your pet has been and light the fuse.
  • Kills fleas.
  • £5.75 per one.

 Flea Bomb

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There are of course hundreds of products out there to both prevent and treat fleas. If you’re concerned about fleas, it’s definitely worth speaking to your vet prior to using any type of medication on your dog.

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