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Say Hello To Berry's Labrador Puppies!

Posted on May 06 2022

If you follow us on Instagram you will have seen that our beautiful Berry (the inspiration behind the brand) has had a litter of 9 gorgeous colourful puppies. 

She's had two black, five chocolate and two yellow (one seems to be a polar bear!)

So, here's an introduction to them all, they're currently 3 weeks old and are all named after berries to honour our wonderful motherdor Berry. 


Say hello to Caper Berry, the polar bear of the litter with extremely fair fur, deep coloured eyes and nose. He's really cuddly and such a little cutie.

 Yellow Labrador Puppy


This little one is the chonkiest of them all, born nearly double in weight vs some of the other pups in the litter. There's a running theme here but of course he's also extremely cuddly and is usually one of the first ones to greet you.

 Chocolate Labrador


This little dude was the smallest of the litter and still is, however is very quickly catching up! He's got his mothers signature fur mohican on his forehead.

 Chocolate Labrador Puppy


Originally named because in the first couple of weeks he was such a sleepy bones! Pick him up and he will flop in any old position, he's been known to sleep in the weighing bowl, food bowl etc!

Chocolate Labrador Puppy


The first born, our most memorable moment watching our first pup arrive safely into this world. Goji is a little terror, at 3 weeks old, bear in mind he doesn't have any teeth yet... he's already started trying to chew my slippers!

Black Labrador Puppy


This little princess has two names and that is because we are keeping her in the Olive & Berry family so be sure to see a lot more of her throughout the years alongside Olive & Berry. She also has Berry's unique fur mohican, can you spot it?

Black Labrador Puppy


Juniper is super sweet and cuddly but also has been named the noisiest of the litter, she makes it very clear when she;s hungry or wants cuddles!

 Yellow Labrador Puppy


The sweetest girl who loves cuddles on her back! She's always happy to greet you and loves starting play fights with her siblings.

Chocolate Labrador Puppy


And as the picture and name suggests this little chocolate floofball is designer. Sassy and cuddly by nature, despite being one of the smallest in the litter this little dude can hold his own. 

Chocolate Labrador Puppy

And we can't show you Berry's gorgeous litter without a picture of our beautiful Motherdor, Berry.

Black Labrador In Dog Bed

If you're interested in having your own litter we will be sharing all of the details from Berry's to ensure you can make an informed decision over the next couple of blogs so watch out for those. 

And to see more puppy spam and behind the scenes or our puppies growth please follow us on insta @oliveandberryuk 

Love Olive & Berry Team