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10 Valentine’s Day Ideas you can do with your four legged friend

Posted on February 09 2020

1. Romantic hike with country pub lunch

The classic. Connect with nature & your partner whilst tiring out your four legged friend. Research a wonderful walk in the countryside and breathe in that fresh air, why not plan in lunch or dinner in a rustic countryside pub in the middle or after the walk, make sure it’s dog friendly though!

Dog Walk Valentines Day


2. Your favourite movie, takeaway and a lot of cuddles! 

Why not snuggle on the sofa with your loved one and fluffy friend, choose a movie or series Netflix marathon and order in your favourite takeaway. How about Marley & Me, 101 Dalmatians or Pets?  
3. Camping Weekend Away or Dog friendly Air B&B


Oh yeah…this is the one if the weather holds up. Pack your car up and book yourself into a wonderful campsite or dog friendly air B&B somewhere pretty.
Dog walks, BBQs, pub lunches and cuddling up to your loved one and fluffy friend under the stars in one sleeping bag! And there’s nothing better than waking up to natural light in the morning and watching the sunrise.


Takeaway Valentines Day


4. Girly Pamper Pooch night in


Valentine’s day isn’t just for couples you know. Show your appreciation for your girly friends by having a girls night in mini pedi style, invite the pals over and their fluffy pooches. Get some gin and chocolate in and pamper yourself to heaven. Face masks, nail polish, eye masks... the lot!


5. Power out night

Lock your phones away people! Again, one to enjoy with your partner or with your friends, bring out those old board games and reconnect with each other. You could even stretch this as far as creating your own dogs agility course or playing tug of war for points! Got to love a bit of valentine’s day competition!

Games Night Valentines Day  Tug of War Valentines Day


6. Forage for berries & herbs to make a meal

Another wonderful one to get back to nature and experience a fun day out with your loved one and pooch… go forage for berries, herbs etc anything you might be able to find and use this to cook up something special for dinner. 


7. Doggy pub crawl with biscuits on route 

One for the boozy valentine’s day lovers, plan out a pub crawl route in your local area, make sure to find places that are dog friendly and make sure to bring some snacks for your pooch, they need to have an incentive too!


Dog Pub Crawl Valentines Day


 8. Furry Photoshoot

What better way to spend Valentine’s day than at a doggy photo shoot with your all your loved ones? This could be a professional photo shoot with a photographer or if you want to make it cheap and hilarious why not take your phone and explore somewhere whilst snapping away. Or to make this even more entertaining, why not buy a disposable camera, snap as much as you can of your loved one and your dog’s day of fun and see what photos come of it!


Dog Photoshoot Valentines Day


 9. Wine (Pawsecco) & Cheese Night

Get yourself to Majestic wine (other wine shops are available) and pick yourself up some bottles of wine you have yet to taste, some companies have secret boxes you can buy where they give you a mix of different wines. Also, don’t forget the cheese! 

And for the pooch? Woof & Brew have a great ‘Pawsecco’ for £3 in different flavours so they can share your tasting experience. I don’t think they make specific cheese for dogs but studies do say common cheese such as cheddar is okay for your dog. However, if you’re not sure you could always buy them a couple of treats or a bone for the evening.

Pawsecco Valentines Day


10. Cheer on a local team

Random but actually really fun once your there. Have a look into your local clubs around the area, most Saturdays depending on the time of year you will be able to find a hockey team, cricket, rugby or football team etc. It’s really good fun getting a mini picnic on route and cheering on a local team to victory.


Rugby Match Valentines Day