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Gifts that mean something, you can't get better than that!

Browse our range of personalised gifts that may bring out the tears!

🐾 Personalised Pet Portraits

🐾 Paw Print Jewellery

🐾 Bespoke Slogan Signs

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Personalised Gifts

Paw Print Jewellery

Pet Pawtraits

Slogan Signs

Gift Wrap

High quality, eco-friendly gifts that enhance your home.

Beautiful designs, quality materials and they help save the planet!

🐾 Coffee Cups

🐾 Water Bottles

🐾 Fine China Mugs

🐾 Cushions

🐾 Handmade Ceramic Decorations

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Cups & Bottles

Dogs and fashion? Who would have thought it?

No we don't sell little outfits for dogs, that's not us but we do have a woofing gorgeous range of fashion gifts for dog lovers.

🐾 Bags & Blankets

🐾 Bamboo Socks & Welly Warmers

🐾 Facemasks

🐾 Long Hot Water Bottles

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Fashion Gifts

Bamboo & Welly Socks


Bags & Blankets

Long Hot Water Bottles

We all know that dogs are the best part of spending Christmas at home (cough cough don't tell your partner!), so treat them to something you know they will love.

🐾 Eco-Friendly Dog Beds

🐾 Collars, Leads & Harnesses

🐾 Towelling Coats

🐾 Toys & Treats

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Gifts For The Dog

Beds & Duvets

Collars, Leads & Harnesses

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