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White Christmas Re-usable Face Covering/ Mask

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Christmas has creeped up on us again as it's nearly here! 

With the current situation this Christmas might be a little different, but here at Olive & Berry we still want to bring you the Christmas cheer (that rhymes!).

We have designed to the highest quality our Christmas face-masks so you can enjoy the festive period.

We have designed both for fashion & for comfort, a 'pawsome' range of dog inspired face coverings.

  • Breathable fabric to stop overheating & sweating 
  • Around the ear fitting 
  • Comfortable 
  • Re-usable - please hand wash with warm water to preserve the elastic 
  • 3 Layered as per the WHO guidelines

The face covering is designed to add to your regular handwashing and safe distancing routines and must not replace them.  It is not designed to be of a medical grade, but to help where social distancing is not possible. For detailed information, go to

To Use:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly
  2. Put the elastic straps around your ears and position the face covering with the deepest fold over the top of your nose. Pull the bottom of the face covering as far as it will go over your chin. Adjust the straps to create a tight fit – aim for minimal gaps around your face
  3. Avoid touching the face covering while using it. If you do, wash your hands. DON’T take it off or pull it down to expose your nose or mouth to talk to people!
  4. Replace the face covering with a new one as soon as it is damp or at the end of every day
  5. Don’t touch the front when you remove it and put it in a plastic bag until it is washed
  6. Wash your hands again once you take your face covering off
  7. Wash your face covering by hand in hand hot water


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