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Soothing Blue Slow Feed Dog Dining Bowl

£30.00 GBP


Elegant. On TrendDurable.

Beautifully Designed and perfectly created to fit with your home interior.

Have you got a pooch that eats too fast OR one that grazes for hours? No problem we have the perfect product for you.

Our fresh and slow dining dog bowl comes in three fabulous on trend colours and is designed to help your pooch with their eating habits.

This clever dog bowl includes two important features:

  1. A bone shape in the middle of the bowl to slow down their eating speed. Designed to prevent overeating and indigestion problems.
  2. A cooling feature to keep your dogs food fresh for hours, perfect if you feed your pup wet food. All you need to do is cool the bowl in cold water for up to 60 seconds.

Why we’re here?

We believe that your little companions furniture should compliment your house, we’re passionate about sourcing and manufacturing products that fit your décor.

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We hope you like our selection, Love Olive & Berry x