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Cosy Rose Cooling Water Bowl

£30.00 GBP


Elegant. On Trend. Durable.

Beautifully Designed and perfectly created to fit with your home interior.  

Our cooling water dog bowl comes in three fabulous on trend colours and is built to keep water cool and fresh for hours.

How to Use? 

Soak or run the bowl under cool water for up to 60 seconds then fill with cold water to keep fresh and cool for hours.

Woof... The T&C's  

The bowl is LFGB and FDA tested and approved.
We don't recommended you put this in your dishwasher however the manufacturer has stated it is dishwasher safe. 

Why we’re here? 

We believe that your little companions furniture should compliment your house, we’re passionate about sourcing and manufacturing products that fit your décor.

But if we're we missing something just let us know.

We hope you love our selection.
Love Olive & Berry x