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Yay we've launched...

Posted on April 14 2019

We do what we do because we love dogs and interior design!
Yes, very random but we assure you it makes sense…
Let’s take you back to the very beginning, our company Olive and Berry was inspired by our very own two mischievous black Labradors, they’re not sisters and trust me they have very different personalities and agendas in life.

Olive & Berry

Berry is 3 years old and is a very sweet little pup, she was boisterous and quite hard to control until Olive came into the picture.

She immediately flipped into mother mode, bringing toys for Olive to play with and playing ‘fake’ tug of war. Perfect for us as we had our very own four legged pupsitter and very cute to watch!

Her ambition:to ensure Olive is safe and secure.

Berry Dog

Olive has just gone 2 years old, she is the most loveable little pest you will ever meet.
Constantly pushing you for attention, literally with her wet nose. Snorting her little head off around the house, jumping on the sofa for cuddles and spends her life permanently upside down with her tummy facing the roof in the hope someone will reach out and tickle her.
Her ambition: to have human contact 24 hours of the day.

 Olive Dog

So what’s this got to do with interior design you ask?
In 2018 we bought a new property and as you do we spent a small fortune on furniture to make our house cosy and homely. I spent hours buying different curtains, putting them up to have my poor partner pull them back down again to return them to the store, until I finally found décor I loved.

Interior Design

I love walking around show houses and I very often spend a couple of hours a weekend meandering around garden centres, department stores and home shops in the mission to buy something nice for my home that trust me…. I do not need! But if you can relate it’s because of personal space is important to us and we take pride in our possessions.

Interior Design - Loft Style Bedroom

So let me ask you a question… why oh why do most pet companies continue to produce and try to sell us black, brown, paw prints, furry and so on beds or accessories that quite frankly undo all the work we have done to make our homes nice and cosy?

Cooper Sad In Dog Bed

This is exactly the question we asked, we searched high and low for a dog bed and accessories that complimented our interior and nothing came close to what we wanted, unless you had a good £300 spare! So we decided to change this and Olive and Berry was born.

Olive & Berry Logo

We strive to create or source great looking dog beds and accessories for your home at a price that doesn’t mean you have to sell your car. We also care about our environment so our beds are sustainable and 90% of our packaging can be recycled.  
Love to see and hear your dogs, plus get feedback on what you would like to see. We promise to review and listen, we might not be able to deliver exactly what you want but if we get enough responses we will try our very best!

Olive & Berry