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Top Tips to Create a Stress-Free Sanctuary for your Dog this Bonfire Night

Posted on November 05 2021

Although magnificent and colourful, the fireworks that light up our night skies on Bonfire Night are highly stressful for our four-legged friends. With loud bangs and bright lights, fireworks can be very scary to pups and at Olive & Berry we want all pets to feel safe and content this Bonfire Night. 

Remember, Remember these top tips to keep your dog stress-free and happy on the 5th of November! 

1. Walk your dog in daylight before the fireworks start! 

Whilst we all love a routine (our pups included), but on bonfire night we advise giving your dog all the exercise and walkies they need whilst it is still daylight.

By avoiding the nighttime fireworks and gatherings of people at displays, you will be able keep your pup away from the chaos and they will be so tired from their walkies that they are much less likely to be on high alert come nighttime! 

2.  Keep those curtains drawn! 

It may be tempting to peek out and see the fireworks outside, but by keeping the curtains drawn you are creating a safe, insulated space for your pooch where they are not curious to explore outside.

Drawing the curtains also acts as a great sound barrier to the loud bangs of the fireworks too so it's definitely a tip to follow this Bonfire Night! 

3. Purchase soundless fireworks 

This year has seen a great deal of discussion in the news about the safety and selling of fireworks with some supermarkets stopping the sale of them altogether.

We recommend that if you do fancy buying some fireworks this year to invest in some soundless or quiet ones to keep your pooch and other pups in the neighbourhood happy. 

4. Create a cosy den for your pup! 

On a night filled with loud noises and strange skies, your pooch will appreciate having a cosy space to keep warm and comfy with their favourite people around them.

Our dog beds with their raised sides and comfy eco-filled padding are the perfect space for them to cuddle in to surrounded by all their best toys too. 

5. Keep yourself calm 

It's very easy to let yourself get anxious at the thought of your pet having a restless and stressful night, but it is important to remember that if you yourself get anxious, your dog will very easily read and feed off this.

With these simple tips you are set to provide your pup and yourself with a calm, cosy and comfy bonfire night. 

Have any more tips that you swear by for dealing with your pup on Bonfire Night?  

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