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Top 10 Pet Friendly Indoor Plants

Posted on August 19 2020

Here at Olive & Berry, we love house plants!

They bring colour, life and vibrancy to any room, but when it comes to an afternoon snack, we definitely prefer a choccy biscuit over a big green leaf!

However, that can’t always be said for some of our furry friends. Some indoor house plants can actually be quite toxic to animals, should they get their paws on them for a sneaky little munch.

Fortunately, there are many indoor plants which are safe for dogs (and cats), so here are our top 10 favourite pet-friendly house plants & where you can buy them. 

  1. Moth Orchid

The good old orchid – low maintenance, only requires a small amount of water once a week and looks beautiful on your window sill.

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Moth Orchid

  1. Calathea

There are a variety of Calathea plants, and they have gorgeous, colourful leaf markings. This one we’ve picked has incredible pink stripes (and you know how much we love pink)!

On top of that, they’re durable, happy with low light, and have air purifying qualities – what more could you want from a plant!

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  1. Some varieties of herb

Growing your own herbs to use when cooking fresh meals really is #housegoals. But it’s important to know that not all herbs are actually pet-friendly.

Oregano and lavender (in large quantities) are actually toxic to dogs, but basil, sage, parsley, coriander and thyme can all be safely grown in your home, and if your pet has a nibble, there’s no need for concern.

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Herb Image

  1. Parlour Palm

A solid, good-looking house plant, that’s sure to add a nice big splash of green to your room.

They’re also low maintenance, and can grow up to 8ft tall!

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Parlour Palm


  1. Spider plant

These are fairly tough plants, and are ideal as a hanging plant.

They are easy to grow, requiring indirect sunlight, and it’s possible to grown more spiders from the ‘babies’ that the mother plant produces.

It’s the plant that keeps giving!

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Spider Plant

  1. Bromeliad

Related to the pineapple, these plants have colourful crowns, and will make a stunning addition to your home.

It can be grown using soil-free methods, and they particularly like a warm and sunny conservatory. Like all the plants on this list, it’s non-toxic and safe for your pets, just in case they decide to have a nibble!

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  1. String of hearts

It’s all in the name!

A vine-style plant, the leaves are in a cute heart shape, and again, it’s easy to maintain, it’s tolerant of dry soil, and just needs a little bit of sunlight.

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String of hearts plant

  1. Money tree

If only the name was literal as well!

Its name actually stems from the belief that, under fengshui, it can bring positivity and good luck, when positioned correctly in a room.

It’s a tall plant that can reach up to 3m in height, and has the most gorgeous spiralled trunks.

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Money Tree

  1. African violet

This small, popular, blooming plant comes in stunning purple and pink shades, adding a dash of colour to any room.

Fairly low maintenance, although they do require moist soil, and regular turning so the flowers don’t reach for the light.

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African Violet

  1. Boston fern

A well-known indoor plant, sometimes known as the sword fern.

This one loves a bit of humidity, so it’ll be most happy in a steamy bathroom or kitchen.

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Boston Fern

Common plants that actually aren’t pet friendly

It’s worth mentioning a few popular house plants that in fact aren’t pet friendly, and can be toxic if ingested in large quantities. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Aloe vera
  • Lilies
  • Geraniums
  • Tulips
  • Rubber tree plants
  • Daffodils

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So, there you have it! These are our top 10 picks for pet-friendly plants for your home.

There are in fact many, many more plants that are safe for dogs and cats, take a look at some of these websites if you need more inspiration:

If you do decide to purchase any of these plants we would love to see your photos, give us a tag on Instagram @oliveandberryuk.

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Love O&B xx

*please note - this list has been complied by credible resources, some of these links are affiliate links. We do not take responsibility if your pet gets ill from any of these plants, if your 4-legged friend does decide to have a nibble on your plant, regardless if it’s considered non-toxic, it’s still recommended to keep an eye on them for any type of reaction, such as an upset tummy, and if unsure, please take them to a vet.