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The Best Products To Keep Your Dog Cool In Hot Weather

Posted on August 12 2020

Wowie if we're hot in warm weather can you imagine what it would be like to have fur? 
It can be dangerous & fatal if your dog overheats in warm weather so we are recommending 5 products you can buy to help keep your dog cool & safe in this heat.

1. Dog Cooling Mat 

  • A perfect cooling accessory for hot summer days, use this mattress as a standalone bed or a topper on your dogs favourite bed or sofa.
  • The mat is filled with a non-toxic gel which is cool to touch for instant relief!
  • Easy to clean and can be popped in the freezer for that extra cooling ‘ahhhh’ feeling!
Monster Pet Suppliers have a fab half price offer on at the minute too on all their cooling mats (Aug 2020).

Cooling Dog Mattress


2. Cooling Dining Feed & Water Bowl 

  • Your dog will love you forever with our cooling water bowl, these bowls have a superpower, run this bowl under cold water for up to 60 seconds and it will keep water & wet food inside it cool for hours!
  • Keeping your dog hydrated in hot weather is really important so make sure they always have access to some fresh water. 


Cooling Water Bowls


3. Homark Desk Fan

  • Simple but effective and I’m sure your dog will appreciate one of these in stonking heat!
  • 3 speed settings, tilting head so you can get it into the right position and turning head if you have more than one doggy to keep cool.

Homark Desk Fan


4. Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Dog Cooling Vest 

  • Specially designed to help your dog cool off on hot summer days! Making use of natural evaporative cooling, simply soak the vest in cold water, wring it out, and put it on your pooch!
They will thank you for it! 

Ruffwear Cooling Vest

5. Raised Dog Waterproof Bed

  • Oh gosh this is a great accessory to have when it’s warm. Use this waterproof elevated dog bed to hose down your dog when it’s warm.
  • The 15cm gap under the bed is designed to let air flow underneath your pup for extra comfort & reduced overheating in the summer months.
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Elevated Dog Bed


So there you have it, 5 products we recommend buying when the weather is hot for your four-legged friend. 
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Love O&B xx