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'Man's Best Friend' - How Dogs Help Our Mental Wellbeing

Posted on November 24 2021

In honour of November as Men’s Mental Health Month, at Olive & Berry we want to celebrate “Man’s Best Friend”; our beautiful pups, and how they boost us and improve our mental wellbeing. 

Whether it’s by being your cosy companion or a bundle of silliness which brings a smile to your face, this blog will explore just some of the ways in which we should be thankful for our four-legged friends and how they impact our health and mental wellbeing! 

If you're struggling with your mental health please do get professional support in the first instance.

They provide us with a daily routine 

Dogs and Mental Health


Following a daily routine is a top tip for those looking to maintain and boost their wellbeing, and nobody loves a routine more than your pooch does!  

Although the early morning bark to wake you up may have you begging for just five more minutes in bed, the routine that your dog demands allows owners to have structure to their day.  

Having routine and structure makes it much easier to have a purpose and schedule time for the things that make you the happiest! 

Exploring the Outdoors 

Dogs and Mental Health

There are so many benefits to being outside in nature for our physical and mental health, and on days when it may seem easier to simply stay inside, our dogs are the biggest motivator to push us into getting up and going for a walk.  

Whether it’s a leisurely stroll around a local park, a run with your pooch, or a long country walk, being outside, exploring nature has an abundance of benefits not just for your dog but for your mental wellbeing too so get those endorphins flowing! Sniff in that fresh air and appreciate the little things in life. 

Meeting New, Pooch-loving People 

Dogs on Walk

Your dog is the best conversation starter you will ever meet!  

Whether they go for the not-so-subtle approach and pull you over to another dog and their owner, or by simply providing you with lots of stories to share with people your dogs can connect you with people to interact and build relationships with.  

Building relationships based upon common interests are fundamental to a healthy mentality, so next time your dog makes a new friend, why not make a friend of their owner too! 

Companionship (aka what we all live hugs!) 

Dogs are the best companions

During a pandemic which saw people physically and emotionally isolated from the world and routine, pet ownership increased drastically and the reason for this is the companionship they offer which gives us responsibility, comfort, and a friend.  

Dogs are highly intelligent animals, and they listen to us and offer support in ways which nobody else can. From fluffy cuddles to alerting us to danger, dogs are protectors, and they want to support you and make you happy more than anything. #BEMOREDOG! 

How has your dog boosted your mental health and how do you care for your own mental wellbeing? Have you experienced any of the above? If so we would love to hear from you. 

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