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Ideas & Tips for The Best Doggy Pumpkin Carving

Posted on October 29 2021

Although we would love to see what amazing designs your dog could carve into a pumpkin, this guide is strictly for humans on how to carve a pumpkin that celebrates not only Halloween but your pooch too! 

Whether you’re after a subtle and simple design to show your puppy-love or a template to have a go at carving a perfect paw-trait, here you will find all the helpful tools and guidance to help you out! 

Before we get started though, here’s some top tips we swear by every year! 

  1. Make sure to carve a big enough lid to your pumpkin! This is where you will be removing all the insides of the pumpkin from, so make sure it is big enough to fit your hand and tools into! You can find the type of tools we’re talking about here
  2. Scoop, scoop, scoop all the stringy bits away! It may be tempting to leave a few last little bits on the inside of the pumpkin because you’re so eager to get carving, but we promise you that taking that extra time to make sure you have hollowed out the pumpkin properly will make the finish much neater. Plus, they will make a lovely soup- keep an eye out for our pumpkin soup recipe on Instagram!
  3. Measure twice, cut once. The famous phrase that applies to so many trades, not excluding pumpkin carving! Before you put pen to pumpkin, make sure that you are completely happy with how your design looks! You cannot go back...
  4. Use the correct tools. There are pumpkin carving tools available almost anywhere this time of year, so we strongly recommend investing in these rather than using kitchen knives. Always make sure children are supervised and that you use the tools safely and as instructed and of course we do not recommend you let your dog do the carving ;). 
  5. Most of all, have fun and be creative! Your dog is one of a kind and so should be your pumpkin! Don’t forget to share all your creations with us on Instagram or Facebook by tagging us @oliveandberryuk 

Pumpkin Carving Kit

The Stencil Trick 

Dog Pumpkin Stencil Set

If you are after an easy and child-friendly way to make a pup-kin this year, why not use a dog-shaped stencil! You could use this as a template to carve the most ‘pawsome’ design. 

To download free dog stencils in various dog breeds CLICK HERE!

Or to download some more generic dog designs CLICK HERE!


The Perfect Paw-trait 

Pet Portrait Carving Pumpkin


If this is the year you fancy going a step further than carving a simple dog silhouette into your pumpkin, then look no further! We recommend using a template to make sure that you achieve a perfect drawing of your pup, but let your creativity run wild by personalising these templates to show just how special and unique your dog is! 

Here’s some of our favourites: 


Cocker Spaniel:  

Border Collie:  





To access templates for more breeds, visit:


Pumpkin Paw Print 

For a more subtle way to show your love for dogs this Halloween, why not try carving some simple paw prints into your pumpkin! From one big paw-print to lots of little paw-prints, or maybe even paw-prints used to write out your pup’s initial, your creative options are endless! 

Our founder, Natalie, made an Olive & Berry inspired pumpkin this year and we think that it looks paw-fect!  

Paw Print Pumpkin Carving

With all the pumpkin leftovers, Natalie made a delicious Pumpkin Soup, so why not save all the goodness from inside the Pumpkin and give the recipe a try!  

You can find the recipe here: CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR PUMPKIN SOUP RECIPE

Share your creations with us on Instagram and Facebook and we will be sharing your creations throughout Halloween week! 

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