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Company Update - Supporting Ukraine Victims

Posted on March 04 2022

The last week since the announcement of what is going on in Ukraine has been a difficult one for us as a business, we have struggled both from a business and a personal point of view (our founder & employees) to understand how we can help in this situation.

Being completely honest with you, we have at times felt helpless and guilty that we’re continuing on with our normal, daily lives, it somehow feels a bit wrong. Maybe this is something you have felt too?

As you are might/ might not be aware, we do not work with Russia in any means so we’re not able to stop supply of any sort, we also do not ship to Russia so we’re unable to stop that as well

Therefore, we have decided that the best help we can give as a business is to donate a % of our sales to the Red Cross foundation who are helping urgent victims.  

Donations from any sales (starting from today 4th March) will go towards the following, performed by the Red Cross Charity:

  • Providing food, first aid, clean water, shelter support, warm clothing, hygiene parcels and medicines

  • Supporting hospitals and healthcare facilities

  • Supporting fire fighters and civil protection units

  • Training people up in life-saving first aid

  • Helping families stay in contact with each other

  • Educating people on the risks of explosives

  • Repairing vital infrastructure

  • Helping to repair homes, healthcare centres, schools and community centres

We will be reviewing this on a monthly basis but rest assured we want to help and support innocent victims going through this upsetting and stressful situation.

We’re here to chat if anyone has any questions or concerns around this :)

Be More Dog – we stand for independence, inclusivity and peace…ALWAYS!

Olive & Berry Supporting Ukraine Victims